Akina (dark_angel869) wrote,

Future Awaits

Hey everyone!! Despite of the fact that I have not been posting entries and the like, I still have been active here on LJ. I do read some friends' entries here and there when I can, so please don't think I've forgotten about the wonderful people I've met on here :-)

Anywho, I'm writing this to let you all know that after May 28th I will not be available anymore for a while, estimating around 6 months of leave. Therefore, please don't remove me from your friend's list (If you haven't already)! If you're curious as to the reason behind my temporary absence, I'll be attending U.S. Army basic training in Fort Leonard Wood, MO for 2 months to then switch over to advanced individual training in Fort Huachuca, AZ for the remaining 4 months. Wish me luck! HOOAH!!!

God Bless You All!!
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